Cycles of Life by Hilda de la Rosa

It’s fascinating! More than 6 billion people on the planet and we are all at different stages of consciousness. We migrate to each other so we can spend more time with those “of like mind.” But what is that? Do we really understand why some of us are dogmatically fixated on the religion that we were born into and others are complete hedonists? What is it that makes one of us a hippie, dope smoking, rebel and another an overachieving, play-by-the-rules conformist? What is it that gives some of us the propensity towards teaching, or art, or the military, or banking and financial? How is it possible that there could be two children from the same family with the same socio-economic background, and have one child become a preacher and the other a serial killer? Is it just nature-nurture? Or is there something else that should be considered?

From my perspective, there is definitely something else to consider. The Michael Teachings brings us a different perspective. According to Michael (a dis-incarnate group of souls, that I have been channelling for years) there are seven different so-called soul ages on the planet. I say so-called because soul age is actually a misnomer, since the soul has been forever and will be forever more. Soul age, in this context, is really just the quantity of life experiences that have made us grow, learn and evolve. All of us live many, many lifetimes and, given the experiences of every lifetime, we grow and evolve and our consciousness reflects this growth, or learning. These experiences are cumulative and we elevate our consciousness with every experience.

As we die and are re-born we bring previous life experiences to bear in this life. Therefore, we exit this lifetime with a level of consciousness or understanding and are re-born with that same level of consciousness so we may continue our journey of learning and experiencing life, love and everything, on this planet before we can incarnate on “more evolved” planets. The soul really has nothing to learn – it is all knowing. It is really about understanding the mechanics of earthly consciousness that we are learning on this planet. And so we will migrate to more and more sophisticated levels of consciousness on ever elevated planets. But first we have to finish this course – on planet Earth. I have no doubt that we have all experienced lives or consciousness on other planets as well. But I believe that it is an evolutionary process.

Let’s have a look at these levels of consciousness on planet earth:

Infant Soul Consciousness:

Is very mystical but with a decidedly superstitious bent. At this stage of our learning our focus is purely on survival, with almost no consequential thought. We may have rudimentary education and will generally follow in the tradition of our parents. We choose not in incarnate into sophisticated societies, since we can simply not cope with such complicated lives. Blood rituals may feature in our belief systems and medicine. Interaction with others is difficult, since we have not developed a sense of belonging or connection. We are often ostracised and could be quite isolated.

Baby Soul Consciousness

Here we begin to learn and understand right from wrong. This is determined by the society into which we have chosen to incarnate. It would be radically different to choose a baby soul experience in an Ancient American Indian tribe than in a Victorian English setting – the “rules” would be worlds apart. We tend to be quite dogmatic during this cycle of lives. Our holy book of choice would be the only true holy book and we may even feel that we have permission from God to make war on those who do not believe as we believe. We treasure close family connections and find it difficult to mix with cultures that are not like ours. We like to have lives where we can be seen as pillars of the community. We may even like careers where we can enforce the “rules”. If we choose to practise law, we will practise the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law. If we did not have baby souls on the planet – there would be anarchy.

Young Soul Consciousness

Now we’re cooking. We need to win! We are powerful and love material wealth. Prestige drives us and we measure our success by the number of goodies we can buy, or the address at which we live! Anyone who is not seeking material wealth is simply not successful. It is paramount for us to be seen in the right circles with the right people. Our bodies are almost worshipped and we want the best of that as well – even if that means we “fix” them surgically.  (Not that plastic surgery is exclusive to young souls.) We will pursue what it is we desire no matter the risks. We have an attitude of “you only have one life to live – make the most of it!” Without Young souls there will be no progress or development.

Mature Soul Consciousness

Fun Fun FUN! And then some more fun. We are at our most experiential at this stage of our development. These could also be highly charged and very emotional lives. We are at our most creative and express it in everything we do. Flamboyant and outgoing, we are open to everything. Family is very important and the drama that goes with it is just as interesting. Drama could be high on our priority list and we will create plenty of it! We are more inclined to wear outrageous outfits and we find uniforms very boring. We may get involved in organisations like Green Peace and can be quite militant about it! The media industry is filled with us. We like soap boxes and careers in the helping professions are a favourite. Without the mature souls, life would be quite dull.

Old Soul Consciousness

Leave me alone let me do what I want. Don’t force your belief system down my throat.  I know what I believe in and although it may not be what you believe, understand that all roads lead to Rome. If we are educated in a professional career path, we may very well give this up during a spectacular midlife crises to go and make sandals in Smithfield. We are hyper aware of alternative medicine and could pursue that route to our detriment. We are very comfortable living almost anywhere including a palace in some upmarket suburb or a tent in the bush, as long as we are not restricted. We dance to the beat of our own drum. Without old souls, there will be little wisdom in the world.

Transcendental Soul Consciousness

These are very special individuals who bring knowledge and wisdom of the ages to bear. They could manifest in personalities like Mahatma Ghandi. They are here to teach us universal love and wisdom.

Infinite Soul Consciousness

The infinite souls are always present on the planet. They inspire, uplift, bring us new teachings and balance the energy on the planet. They manifest as someone like Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha.

In Conclusion

For me, it is completely inappropriate to expect a grade one student to understand the complexities of calculus at grade 12 level. It is the same for people, we are who we are and we are all on a journey to find love – the unconditional kind. We will ALL find our way back to love – if not now, then later….

I have merely scratched the surface about soul age – there is so much more to it. If you would like a full analysis of your soul age and couple this with a full personality analysis, give me a shout! You will be astounded!


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Life Purpose and its Implications by Hilda de la Rosa

So, we have gained many experiences during many lifetimes on this planet. And we are at the end of our cycle of lives on earth, almost ready to make our way back to the realm of the absolute or the realm of unconditional love. However, we are now “old souls” and have come to earth to share our many and varied experiences with those who have not lived as many lifetimes. We bring wisdom and compassion with us; we know that the fundamentalists have it so wrong; we know intrinsically that we, as a species, are destroying the planet.

So we incarnate with an agenda. Our agenda is change – hopefully, for the positive. We believe that we are “spiritual” or “enlightened” and that we can teach others to be better people, and that we can contribute to making the world a better place. Not seeing that this, in itself, is a judgment and that true mastery holds no judgment, accepting everything in every moment as perfect. We fail to see that we need only be here in joy, and that the truly greatest measure of our spirituality or enlightened “being-ness” is how much joy and peace we have in our lives. We think it’s about having to do, or be, something: it is not. There is nothing you have to do or be. You are perfect – even in your imperfection, as is the planet. And, ultimately, even if we do destroy the planet, will it matter in two hundred million years’ time. It is only scary if we relate to it in terms of our short lifespan. Besides, it is not the planet, but humanity, that is currently at risk.

Scientists have told us that more than 90% of the species of plant and animal life that ever lived on planet earth is now extinct, and we have learned many theories about why this is so. But the planet lives on. It, too, has consciousness and is on its own journey of enlightenment. And, by our measure of time, it will take many, many millions of years.

But I digress. I was going to talk about life purpose.

So we choose to incarnate and we have this “divine purpose” that we have set ourselves, something truly magnificent that will set us apart from the masses. Something that will allow us to leave a legacy of incredible magnitude, perhaps something like a cure for aids, or saving the world’s oceans, or the dolphins, or the whales, or the sharks, or whatever. Sometimes, we are even fortunate enough to know that this is our true life purpose from a very young age. I know a woman who knew she wanted to be a doctor from the day she could talk. Her whole life she wanted to heal people and be the best, most compassionate doctor. She achieved this and is still practising today – happily so.

But given that we create our own reality, on every level, and that we have free will and unconditional love, and given that this is the planet of polar opposites, we emerge from the realm of the absolute, which is pure, unconditional love. And because we have chosen to incarnate on a planet where we have come to experience who we are not (the opposite of love), we may be fooled into believing that we can do “good”- that there even is such a thing as “good” or “evil.” Since we are at the end of our cycle of lives, we believe that we can, and should, change the consciousness of the planet and raise its vibration to a higher level.

So we incarnate with a fabulous and deeply profound life purpose, such as saving the dolphins. We are so conditioned into believing that something is either right or wrong, that even at the end of our life cycles, when we are considered to be “old souls,” do we buy into this conditioning. However, if we simply take a step back and seriously think about what it is that we need to set up prior to a lifetime of “saving the dolphins,” we would be quite shocked. It dawns on one that in order to have a life purpose called “saving the dolphins,” we will have to have set up the very conditions that will make such a life purpose possible. And so it is with every life purpose. If you have a life purpose as a healer, you will have to have co-created people whom you can heal. If you have set up life purpose as a policeman or law enforcer, you will have to have co-created a lawless society. If you have set up a life purpose of saving the planet from some noxious gas or other, you will have to have co-created the potential to have such a gas exist in the first place. If you have set up a life purpose of creating animal shelters, you will have to have co-created animals that are in need of saving. It is not possible to have a life purpose called “saving the whales,” if you do not concurrently set up the possibility that there should be whales that need saving.

And so it is – perfection in every moment, even the sad, complicated, uncomfortable ones. It is the eternal yin and yang, the black and white, the good and evil. We learn by experiencing both sides of the coin – over many, many lifetimes. There is the positive aspect of the experience, the negative aspect of the experience and finally, mastery, which is the neutrality of the experience. That does not mean that we should not have compassion for those who are going on their very own rollercoaster ride of experiencing the positive or the negative of their experience. Once we have reached neutrality about a subject, and can look upon such experiences as just that – experiences, without judging them to be right or wrong, and with compassion and understanding, then we have reached mastery.

Earth is a planet of opposites; it always has been and will always be. Mastery, therefore, is accepting every moment on this planet as perfect – in every way. Why would we need to change anything? It is true that we are in dire need of cleaning up the planet’s atmosphere, but not because the planet needs saving, but because we, as humans, need a “home” where we can experience that which we are not and, therefore, would probably like to have it for the next few hundred years. So mastery, or enlightenment if you will, is not so much about raising the vibrational frequency, or meditating in a certain way, or being vegetarian; all of those choices are very individual and, as such, should be respected and honoured. It is about understanding that we all grow and experience different things in our own way and at our own time. We will ALL make our way back to love, if not in this lifetime, perhaps the next, or the next, or it may take 100 lives.

My measure for enlightenment is how much joy and peace an individual has in their life.


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Let’s Have a Pain Party! by Hilda de la Rosa

You are cordially invited to my pain party! Anywhere and anytime – just let me know when you are free! Pain parties are fun. We get to discuss all the painful things we have ever experienced.

It seems that as we go through life, we accumulate negative experiences. These negative experiences are carefully placed in a bag. I’ll call this an S bag. We lug this bag around wherever we go. Each time someone, or something, offends us, makes us angry, hurts our feelings, or slights us in any way, we add them to the S in the bag. Some of the S in our bag does not even belong to us. If someone has an interesting bit of S, we just add it to our bag as though it was our own experience.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we have to face extraordinarily difficult experiences, and I have had my share. Everybody has a tragic story to tell, some more tragic than others. I get that. And, of course, there are varying degrees of pain. I get that as well. Having your car stolen is not the same as losing a child.

Yet, it seems that we are inclined to open our S bag at every opportunity and compare the S in our bag to that in the bags of our friends, family, colleagues, or whoever will listen! We invite a few friends for lunch; we may meet at our own home or at a lovely restaurant, and all it takes is one person to haul out their S bag, rummage through it and find a really juicy bit of S to share with the group. It could start off with something like, “Did you read the paper this morning? So-and-so stole R2 million out of the treasury! How outrageous! This country is going to the dogs!” Immediately, someone else opens their S bag and contributes their story about crime statistics, our president’s wives, or whatever. Before you know it the pain party is in full swing!

Or, it could start off with someone sharing the horror of how bad her home helper is, and how one just cannot get good help anymore. Or it may be about the latest medical condition that they are grappling with; or how much a husband is disrespecting the wife. And on and on we go: each one of us at this little pain party, trying to out-do the other with our horror stories.

I have been present at a dinner party where one of the guests was lamenting about the corrupt government. This of course sparked off a whole chain of events with everyone contributing their bit of bad news! And the mood just got darker and darker. An hour or so into the dinner, the guest who started off this whole discussion, proudly told the group that a municipal department actually came to fix the tarred road in front of his house. He shared how he approached the team and “asked” them if they could re-tar his driveway. Some money changed hands and, voila, his driveway was freshly tarred! This was the highlight of his week, if not his year! I was astounded! Was I the ONLY person in the room that could see the hypocrisy of it all? I opened my mouth to point this out and, needless to say, I was not invited to dinner again.

We all have an S bag. We drag it around wherever we go. Perhaps it is time to unpack it and analyse all the S in one’s bag. Firstly, determine if the S is really our own, or is it just some cool S that belongs to someone else and is interesting to share. Get rid of the small S. Look at each piece of S and decide if this S serves anyone: most importantly, does it serve you? Is sharing this S making the world a better place or a worse one? Are you sharing because you need empathy, or are you just sharing because it has become a habit? Decide whether you are going to continue to haul this S out at every little pain party that you attend. Who will it serve? That on which we focus our attention, attracts more of the same in our lives. Do you want more S?

Now haul out the big S. This is the hard part. This is the stuff that leaves deep marks in our hearts: the sore stuff, the stuff that really matters. This is the stuff that makes us who we are. And even if there is really big stuff, one is able to deal with it, and, since we all have a choice: we are either a victim of our stuff, or we are not.

It seems that there are three groups of people.

  • One group: let’s call them the light beings, have difficult stuff to deal with; they do the work (ask for help if needed) and get on with it.
  • The second group: these are the tough ones. They pretend that the difficult experiences do not affect them emotionally and they sweep the pain under the carpet, put a lid on it, and get on with it.
  • The third group: called forever-victims and may even become perpetrators of the same pain that was inflicted on them, or they may lead self-destructive lives.

The first group is the authentic group. They deal with their stuff, get help if they need to, and are able to move on and lead pretty well balanced and joyful lives. These are the people who shine from the inside out! They are a joy to know and always seem to be in a good mood. I love them!

The toughies are another matter. I consider myself to be part of this group. We don’t like to look at the hard stuff; we pretend we can cope with everything. Our friends and family are astounded when we do fall apart. We project an aura of invincibility. This is not true! We get hurt – deeply, just like everyone else. Our hard exterior, which we have nurtured for years and years, just does not allow us to show it. We believe this is strength. It is not. This group is often seen as unapproachable and uncaring because of their “get-over-it” attitude. Of course, this is also a misconception.

Recently, I had an enlightening experience. After years of pretending that everything was fine and that my world was intact, I fell apart – completely. I woke up one morning sobbing. I sobbed uncontrollably for days and days. A dear friend, much distressed by my endless sobbing, suggested that I don’t go into denial about my feelings. That I stay with this sadness for as long as it takes. For the first few days, I just lay in a ball and sobbed. After days of mind-numbing sobbing, I had an epiphany! I realised that my heart was showing me all the painful stuff that I had endured over my lifetime.

Some really big stuff, like the loss of my mother at age 12, and the subsequent experience of a dodgy stepmom; severe anger and rage at my father for allowing my step mom to do what she did; the loss of a baby, who was still born. And some of it seemed inconsequential, like moving away from a favourite friend, or not being able to study a course that I felt would greatly serve me. It seemed as if I were given “packages” of emotions to deal with, actually, not to deal with, but to really feel. All sorts of events surfaced. Events that I thought I had dealt with. I did deal with them – I put a lid on them.

Putting a lid on deeply painful feelings serves a purpose. It allows us to carry on and cope with the daily grind. Priorities, such as paying the bills, organising school runs, buying a house, getting a new job, etcetera, take priority, in other words – getting over it! In the interim, the emotions are building up steam. Not feeling the feelings of sadness, guilt, shame, grief, outrage, or loss, does not mean they go away. Understand that acknowledging the feelings, or dealing with the feeling is not the same as feeling the feelings. The feelings stay in the pressure cooker, waiting patiently. Some of us never open the pressure cooker, or even release some of the steam, and we can then take those unfelt feelings with us, and simply carry them over to the next life. But feel them we will, eventually.

The result, for me, is a deeper sense of peace. It seems as if my heart is lighter, having actually felt the feelings rather than denying them. I understand that this is a process and that I may very well have to re-visit some of these feelings. That is okay. I am prepared for that. It feels as if I can look back over some of the experiences of my life with more understanding, clarity and compassion. A lightness of being, if you will. This, I know, will serve me hugely in helping others.

Now we deal with the most difficult ones:The forever-victims. It is true that some of the people in this group have had really terrible experiences. I am not in any way attempting to negate these. Sometimes, it can manifest as low grade martyrdom; that friend who is always complaining about one sickness or another, or the friend who is continually in sub-standard, slightly abusive relationships. They may go to doctor after doctor and every doctor tells them they are fine. Or, they may end an abusive relationship only to engage in another abusive relationship. The result may be that they believe all relationships are bad and abusive, or that the slightest headache means a brain tumor. They may include statements like, “I am really worried about my arm. I haven’t been able to move it for weeks. I just haven’t told anybody, because I don’t want people to worry about me.”

All of the behaviour is centered on not acknowledging feelings of pain.  Like the group that puts a lid on their pain, this group will project their pain onto something else. This is not conscious, it is very subtle and subconscious. To avoid looking at deeply painful experiences, they simply ignore that pain and create a new, less traumatic pain, never actually taking responsibility for their feelings, or feeling the real feelings. This has the same numbing effect as denying the pain. They could have unresolved feelings about a traumatic divorce, will vehemently deny that there are still residual feelings, but will re-create feelings of pain in another area of their lives. This serves us to not feel the real feelings.

Sometimes, this group can become involved in self destructive behaviour, like self mutilation, alcohol, drug abuse or other addictive behaviour. They intellectually understand what they are doing – they are numbing the pain. Numbing the pain is the same as not feeling the feelings. They may do this for many years. Perhaps they will even go to re-hab to deal with their addiction, particularly if they understand that their very lives are at stake.

When they come out of re-hab, the feelings emerge, particularly if they have been numbing their feelings with addictive behaviour for years. Feeling real feelings is a huge surprise and can be most overwhelming. Technically all the feelings they have not been feeling for many years is now in their consciousness. All of them – at the same time!

And hence the vicious cycle of addictive behaviour and re-hab ensues. It is easier to re-numb the feelings than to feel them! Couple this with their association, on a social level, with other addicts and you have the ultimate pain party. “No-one understands how difficult it is for addicts.” They could blame their parents, society, work, childhood pain, or whatever, for their addictive behaviour in the first place. At their pain parties, they can share with each other their deep dissatisfaction with the world. How hard it is to function without their addiction; how much fun they used to have; now all they have is pain, remorse, guilt, anger, resentment, or whatever feelings emerge. And the other guests at the pain party will concur and feed their victim mentality over and over again. The fact that they have not taken responsibility for their own actions or feelings and have actually numbed themselves from feeling anything for years, could leave them completely overwhelmed when all these feelings emerge. Hardly surprising that the vicious cycle exists as it is easier to be numb than to feel, to cloud one’s existence with a chemically-induced numbing agent. Once this feeling of being overwhelmed is in place, the need to go back to the safety of the numbing agent is, likewise, overwhelming.

No-one is exempt from feeling! Our very nature is about feeling. Not the intellect, not our bodies but our feelings. Denying our feeling nature is denying our very spirit. Hundreds of books have been written about releasing our feelings. Hundreds of authors have given us affirmations and other tools to assist us with coping with our feelings.

Let’s have an S bag spring clean. Let’s decide what serves us and what does not. I have unpacked and unpacked the S in my bag, and yet there is more. If you unpack your S bag, you get to look at all the events in your life that have caused you pain. You can decide if you want to feel the feelings before you let the S go. If you are not ready to let the S go or to feel the feelings, I suggest you leave the S in the bag. Having said that, please do not open your bag and share your S indiscriminately: it makes the world smell bad. Get help to sort out your S, if you need to.  Ask yourself if you are making the world a better or worse place when you share your S. Be aware next time a friend starts a pain party – or rather beware! Ask yourself, “Who does it serve?” and “What would love do?”

I have learned that if I do not feel the feelings, they will just lie in wait for me and emerge at another time. I will continually work on feeling the feelings as they come about. Putting a lid on them, or numbing them with a substance or another lesser pain, will not serve me.


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Making Decisions by Hilda de la Rosa

Making Decisions – Feel the fear and do it anyway.

We are so often faced with decisions. Some decisions are small, like what to make for dinner. Occasionally, the decisions that we are faced with can be life altering. We are all aware that certain decisions have to be made – even the difficult ones. We may be procrastinating about making them because they are difficult and the outcome may be very scary indeed, or even unknown.

For example; we may be in a relationship with an abusive spouse and we know that if we should make the decision to leave, we may end up in a difficult financial position, our children may suffer, and we may be unclear about the future. Or, perhaps we are in a job that we dislike intensely and leaving may produce the same result. Or, perhaps we know what it is we really, really want to do, but we are in fear that we are not good enough, not qualified enough, not confident enough, or whatever.

Making life altering decisions is extremely hard. Sometimes it even feels life-threatening. Our bodies go into an immense state of fear and insecurities pop up like ads on Google. Yet, we know and understand that if we do not make these decisions, we will continue to live in that “in-the-mean-time” space. Iyalna Vanzant has written a book called, In the Mean Time, which is inspirational and fabulous – if you want to know more.

I have had to make many life-altering decisions in my time, and they were all really hard to make. Given that we are beings of habit, breaking a habit is hard to do. And, as we know, worrying does help: 99% of the things I worried about never happened. Yet, we still worry and fret.

Again, I am faced with a life-altering decision. Should I, shouldn’t I? What if? How will I pay the bills? Am I good enough? Will the outcome be positive? What if I’m wrong? What will my family think? How will my friends react? Weeks and weeks go by: I am trapped in that “in-the-mean-time” space.

Late last night, I sat outside looking up at the stars and once again talked to God, the Universe, Tao, whatever it is that you call it. I asked for a sign from the heavens – a clear sign that is not vague – one that I can recognise as a sign. I waited, and waited some more, thinking perhaps I will see a UFO or something significant like that. Just as I was ready to give up, a bat flew right onto the veranda where I was sitting, coming right in front of my face. I don’t like bats and a “girly shout” came out of my mouth. As the bat flew away, I thought, “I wonder if that was my sign?”

“Wow! Was that my sign?” I asked, my heart still thumping from fright. Within seconds, the bat appeared again, this time flying right around my head. I was amazed and a little freaked out! This morning, I Googled the spiritual symbolism of the bat: “Bats are symbols of rebirth – the facing of fears and being reborn. Through this we learn to release fear and anything which does not fit with our new growth. The bat is a symbol of the challenge to let go of the old and create the new.”

Over the last few weeks I have had other creatures show up in my life. Mice: “Tribes such as the Navajo established the mouse having governance over the southern quadrant of their medicine wheel, which represents a macrocosmic view of life. The southern quadrant of the medicine wheel holds sacred tenets such as new beginnings.

And a snake: “In the keen Celtic mind, snake symbolic meaning of transformation came from the shedding of its skin. Physical evidence of leaving its form behind (casting off the old self), and emerging a sleeker, newer version made the snake a powerful symbol of rebirth and renewal.”

Am I still confused about the decision that I am faced with? NO! Am I still feeling insecure and inadequate? YES! Now at least I know that I am on the right track and the only thing that I am faced with are the feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Can I cope with that? I will do my very best!

When we have decisions to make, we can ask for help! We always get signs. I only re-remembered that I can ask for a sign last night. But looooong before I asked, the sign (or signs) that I needed showed up! I just forgot to pay attention. Being conscious and paying attention is what is required. Managing the fear and doing it anyway – now that is a whole new ball game!

Now, I will ask for courage: courage to walk my chosen path, yet again. I will ask for wisdom, wisdom to know what the next step is. I will ask for strength, strength to walk proudly into the future – the unknown! And I will ask for love – love to guide my steps. And so it is!




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HOUSE OF RESTORATION – Shelter for abused Women and Children

HOUSE OF RESTORATION – Shelter for abused Women and Children

Woman Abuse is a subject close to my heart. I know and understand this trauma, and how hard it is to extricate oneself from it, once one is caught in its trap.

The HOUSE OF RESTORATION is a safe-haven for abused and vulnerable women and children, as well as young teenage girls. The ladies and young girls that come to our house have all been the victims of abuse and violence, such as suffering sexual trauma, domestic violence, being ex-prostitutes and drug addicts etc. These ladies all have one desire, and that is to put the past behind them and to get their lives back on track.

Here, these ladies can regain their human dignity and self-worth. Our HOUSE OF RESTORATION is a house that accommodates mothers together with their children, thereby keeping the family together as a unit. Here, they are comforted, receive counselling and therapy and are taught various skills, thus eventually enabling them to fend for themselves and their children.

After a couple of months, they leave the house and become productive members of society. We can assist up to 30 mothers and children as residents of the house at any given time, but we also cater for many day visitors that attend our various upliftment programmes.

At the house we also have an in-house creche for the smaller children. Here, these toddlers are entertained with basic pre-school activities whilst their mothers can focus on their healing. Our older children attend the neighbouring schools.

Specific programmes that we present are: Spiritual counseling; Life Coaching – Inner Life Skills and Group Therapy; Trauma Debriefing; Skills development classes (Cooking, Baking, Jewellery making, Fabric painting, Sewing and knitting); HIV / Aids training and support; Legal advise and support etc.

If you can help, or have a contribution to make, please make contact with Justine.

Justine Visser, The Cradle of Hope, NGO, Email:, Contact No: 076 232 4500 / 011 660 4623, Krugesdorp, Website:

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Enlightenment VS Beingness

Enlightenment vs BeingnessEnlightenment – we have sought it forever! So, the “sweetness and light” brigade would have you believe that life is about lessons, Karma and ascension. We’ll it’s not! Life has no meaning or purpose other than to experience itself. It simply is. We, or our souls, reside in the realm of the absolute. In the realm of the absolute, there is only one thing: Love. Not the love that we refer to on planet earth. Our “love” is too complex and has too many variables. There is the love we have for a pet, or a mother or father, or daughter and son, or our spouse or nature. The love in the realm of the absolute is truly unconditional. IT HAS NO CONDITION. It has no ego and therefore will not judge right from wrong or white from black. Unconditional love has no ego and, therefore, no need. It simply exists. And since absolute and unconditional love is all that resides in the realm of the absolute, it has nothing against which to measure itself. So how does it know itself if it has no way of measuring itself? It does not. Continue reading

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Imagination Always Wins

Coming soon…

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The Realm of the Absolute versus the Realm of the Physical

the realm of the absoluteThe realm of the absolute, or heaven, or spirit is where our souls reside.

Our souls have been in existance in the realm of the absolute since first thought – since before time began. This is a space of pure, unconditional love, or rather, agapé.

Agapé is a form of love that we, as humans, with the limitation of our physical brain, are not really able to understand. This love has absolutely no ego. Agapé has no conditions, or judgements about right and wrong. It understands that everything is experiential and Agapé love exists, even when our ego’s feel that a thing is “wrong,” or even an abomination. What we think of as God emanates from, or resides in, the realm of the absolute. It is not a place – it is a consciousness. In the Bible, it says, “There is nowhere that I am not.” It is that which makes the atoms move. It is the very life-force of everything.

Yet, in this space of total unconditional love, there is only itself – love. And when there is only one thing, how can it know itself? It has nothing against which to measure itself. If there is no darkness, how can we understand light? If there is no short, how can we understand tall? If there is no big, how can we understand small?

Because the realm of the absolute is governed by love, all the other positive emotions that we can have are what I call, “sub-feelings of love.” Words like compassion, caring, nurturing, humility, forgiveness, joy, consideration, etc. spring to mind.

Therefore, everything has to have its equal and opposite. Agapé, or love’s opposite, is fear. So we have the realm of the physical, which is governed by fear. We know and understand this fear. It is hard-wired into our bodies. It is our classic flight-or-fight response. It is what it is. Way back when we were still cave- men, this was particularly evident – we chased food – or something that wanted to eat us chased us. If we felt threatened, we ran, or stayed to fight! We also knew that if we were ostracised from the clan, we may very well have died from exposure to the weather, or from starvation, because it was unlikely that we could survive by ourselves.

These feelings are still relevant in today’s society. Our bodies do not know the difference between caveman times and now. Today, if we are facing the possibility of losing our jobs, the body automatically goes into fear. The body only has one ultimate fear, and that is the fear of death.

Many of us feel that we have conquered this fear of dying, because we have a sense of knowing that we will be okay. Some of us believe we will go to heaven, and that heaven is a better place than being here on earth. Others believe in re-incarnation and know that we will be born again. Others believe that this life is all there is and if you’re gone, you’re gone, and nothing else exists. It does not really matter what we believe. Belief is a function of the intellect. The body does not have such a sophisticated intellect. Its ultimate fear is fear of death, irrespective of what we believe. The body’s focus is self preservation and it will do everything in its power to stay alive.

In today’s world, we may not even be aware of the depth of fear of which our bodies are capable. So, for example, if you lose your job, the body is already many months ahead of your mind – the imagination always wins (read more). It may go something like this: “Oh my goodness, she has lost her job, and that means that we will soon lose our house, which means we will be out in the cold, without food… OH MY GOD – I’m gonna die!!!!!!”

Situations may vary, but the body response is the same. In the realm of the physical, our bodies are governed by fear. This fundamental fear causes us to react without thought. Bearing in mind that if our bodies are in fear, it literally saps our strength and can cause us to lose so many IQ points that we are no longer able to think straight. We may lash out (fight) or withdraw (flight). In many instances it may cause us to do irreparable damage to relationships.

All our negative emotions emanate from fear.  Words that spring to mid are: spite, judgement  anger, rage, persecution and every other negative emotion that one can think of.

If we understand that we always have a choice, we can live our lives in a space of love, or we can live our lives in a space of fear. If we are able to manage the body’s fear response (read more) we may very well have a happier, more fulfilled life.


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When Things Get Tough

Tought times happen to all of us

Tough Times happen to all of us

There comes a time in everybody’s life when things go wrong and things get tough. And man – can things go wrong!  Sometimes it can be a sick child, or parent; sometimes it can be that you have lost your job. Or, it can be a messy divorce. Sometimes it is just a case of being completely exhausted – for whatever reason.

It really does not matter what the event is, the reaction of our bodies is exactly the same. I say bodies, because it is the BODY that goes to that space of fear. Fear is the emotion that rules the physical. Our bodies are hard-wired for that to occur – this is our flight-or-fight response, (read about fear vs Love) and is literally built-in. We cannot escape this, but we can manage this body-response.

Let me give you an example. Recently, I was on a plane from Cape Town to Johannesburg. At Cape Town airport, the weather did not seem so bad and, since I travel quite a lot, I was completely at ease. The pilot had barely taken off when an announcement was made by him that we were in for a bumpy ride and he asked us to stay in our seats and keep our seat belts fastened.

When things get tough – manage the body’s fear

Holy moly! What a ride. The aircraft was shuddering and at various intervals simply lost altitude as a result of severe air turbulence. At one stage the aircraft dipped so radically that a few people, who had neglected to fasten their seat belts, were simply lifted out of their seats with such force that their heads banged against the overhead compartments above. The passenger next to me had her little emergency bag ready, just in case the nausea overwhelmed her. Her husband (I assumed it was her husband) was shaking and his palms were sweaty. My body was in all-time fear response as well.

Thanks goodness I know how to meditate. I simply closed my eyes, stilled my racing mind and once my body was clam, I had a little chat to it. I told my body that it was in a bus on a very, very, bumpy road and that the bus’s shock absorbers were shot! I told it hat it was safe and everything would be okay.

My body immediately calmed down and, as a result, I was in control again.

We landed safely and on time! At touch-down, all the passengers applauded the pilots! We all breathed a sigh of relief.

The same action can be taken in any situation. When things go wrong, it is up to each one of us to actually DO everything we possibly can to change our situation. Once we have DONE everything we can, we simply have to trust that everything will be okay. If it is not okay – the event is not over! Our bodies will respond in fear, irrespective of the event.

A friend has a delightful fridge magnet – it says, “You see! Worrying does help. 99% of the things I worried about never happened!”

Manage your body’s fear. If you have lost your job and you have done everything in your power to remedy that; if you have updated your CV; if you have sent it to as many people as possible; if you have asked all your contacts to help you and you have clearly stated what you want, it is time to manage your body’s fear and let go and let Divine Purpose take over. I could do nothing about the flight, I did everything I possibly could in this situation, and then I let go – to whatever outcome.

Without fear, how can we know love?

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Meditation Workshop – Resolving Family Issues

Using Meditation as a means of resolving family connections and issues.

We all have childhood issues, or issues with members of our family. These issues can often be passed on to our children. “Even unto the seventh generation.” If we do not break the cycle of family issues, they can continue to cause pain and dysfunction – generation after generation.

  • Learn to let go and allow others to be who they are
  • Learn to form new, loving relationships
  • Learn to let go of the need to seek approval from father/mother/colleagues/others

Where: Carlswald, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
When: 8 December 2012
Time: 09h00 – 13H00
Bring: Tea Snack to share, notebook and pen and wear comfy clothes
Cost: R450

Click here to book


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