Mine is Not the Only Truth

Truth – ever elusive and misunderstood.

Truth - Ever elusive and misunderstoodI am constantly reminded of the miracle in which we live. And, almost on a daily basis, I experience the truth of creating one’s own reality. Years ago, I was taught this in sales courses. We obviously did not call it creating-your-own-reality then, we called it a ‘positive attitude.’ We were told that if you have the attitude of knowing that you will walk out with the order – you will most likely do so! Little did I really understand? Continue reading

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The Value of NO!

No! Such a small word – such a big impact!

No - The CHinese SymbolNo is actually a power-word. Power: Wars are waged over it. Relationships are destroyed by it. Lives are lost because of it. Power is very valuable. The single biggest emotion that comes from the lack of it, is RESENTMENT. Mostly, we resent those people around us to whom we have given our power. We give our own power away without even noticing it, and on one fine day, we wake up and find that we are resentful, resentful of our partners, our children, our religion, our country, our boss or, our whatever.

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Dogma, is Dogma, is Dogma

Dogma – New Age? Or new words, same rules?

Dogma is Dogma

Is todays spirituality controlled by dogma? As we move from fear-based, to love-based teachings – as all the masters came to teach us – surely we have come to understand this concept of unconditionally?  On a daily basis, I come into contact with alternative thinkers and I am often astonished that some still fall into the trap of fear-based teachings. We give it a different word, but we are still motivated by fear. Continue reading

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A Perfect Life?

Perfect? – You want Perfect?

PerfectImagine not ever being upset with anyone – ever again. Imagine waking up in the morning and the kids are already up, their rooms are clean and their school shoes are shiny. Hubby is dressed and has offered to make you breakfast. There is no traffic on your way to work and the security guard at the door is pleasant. You have a wonderful day and all your clients are polite and helpful. Your boss tells you how much you are valued in the organisation and promptly gives you an increase – and you have not even been there for a year.

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Spiritual Awakening

A Near Tragedy Causes a Spiritual Awakening – on the fast track.

In January 1996, my son, Clinton, was in matric (final school year in South Africa). “Finally,” I thought, “he is nearly off my hands!” Little did I know what lay ahead. I had had a psychic reading a couple of months prior to this occasion and was told that the near future would have rough patches, but that I would eventually be ‘talking to great halls full of people’ – lecturing. “And you will appear on radio and television,” she said, “about spirituality,” she added. Well, I thought she was crazy – so much for these weird psychic people. Continue reading

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Let’s Rock This Money Thing

For those who:

  • Don’t charge what they are worth
  • Battle to create, or …..
  • Hang on to their money,
  • Have a dysfunctional relationship with money
  • Break out into a sweat when they have an appointment to see to their bank manager
  • Run out of money before they run out of “month”

If you are like me, your relationship with money is not what it can be. I have battled with this for years. Some time ago, I had a breakthrough about my relationship with money and decided to host a ‘test’ workshop to see if we could uncover the ‘core issues’ that restrict the flow of money. It was astounding and I cannot believe I have not put this together before. It has fundamentally changed how I view money!

A comment from one of the participants:

“It was fabulous to be there and definitely worth it! I loved participating with everyone else’s work. Hilda is just so on the nail with everyone and got to the crux of the issue at hand every time. It was great to work in such a safe, protected and well run space – I know I have benefited from this workshop and intend to do more so that I can become accepting of my success, my own business and money. As always, all the right people, at the right time in the right space were absolutely the right thing for me.” S.

Click here for the next workshop date/schedule

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