Let’s Rock this Money Thing

“It was fabulous to be there and definitely worth it! I loved participating in everyone else’s work. Hilda is just so on the nail with everyone and found the crux of the issue at hand every time. It was great to work in such a safe, protected and well run space – I know I have benefited from this workshop and intend to do more so that I can become accepting of my success, my own business and money. All always, all the right people, at the right time in the right space were absolutely the right thing for me.” S.

Private Consultation Client

Hilda is absolutely inspirational. She is a powerful role model, and she has given me insight and little nuggets to think about. She  has truly challenged my thinking on various topics about life. Asking the questions allowed me to look and discover my own truth. CL

Blessing Way Ceremony

“Hilda created the most amazing Blessing Way ceremony for us to celebrate the arrival of our little daughter. We called on the elements and read poems. The special people in my life shared blessings while we sat on thrones in the middle. This was one of the most beautiful moments of my life, I will definitely use Hilda to do my wedding & baby naming ceremony.” Lara … mother & entrepreneur

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