New Age? Or New Words?

Dogma is Dogma

Is today’s spirituality controlled by dogma? As we move from fear-based, to love-based teachings – as all the masters came to teach us – surely we have come to understand this concept of unconditionally?  On a daily basis, I come into contact with alternative thinkers and I am often astonished that some still fall into the trap of fear-based teachings. We give it a different word, but we are still motivated by fear.

The way we were motivated in the so-called “old energy structures” was by being told to accept the Lord as our saviour or we would burn in hell. Now I have been told that time is running short and I NEED to raise my vibrational frequency to the 5th dimension or I will remain behind…. or, you have to reach ascension status by such and such, or something else will happen.

We will all ascend. If not now, then later. Everyone, everyone is on the spiritual path. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. As I see it, we are already divine beings with 360° vision. We have just “misplaced” our perfect vision, understanding, capacity for compassion and our ability for absolute and unconditional love. That does not mean that our souls don’t still have all of those qualities.

We do not have to have, or to do anything. We are Beings. We just have to be. Stay in the moment. Be present in the now. We are here to learn about love. Not the ‘soppy love’ that we have when we fall in love with someone, although that love is also great fun, don’t you think? Jokes aside. The love we are here to learn is the total and absolute, unconditional kind. The kind of love that allows everyone to have his or her own physical experience, whatever that may be – even if you don’t agree with it.

There are really only two things that we need to consider. Love and fear. If your lesson is fear-based, your growth or journey will simply take longer. If it is love-based, your growth or journey will accelerate. Those of us who enjoy all the aspects of being physical may choose to take a little longer, however, we will eventually get it right, so don’t worry so much.

Remember, the only emotion which comes to us through the veil, unrestricted, is joy. Joy was given to us so we may ‘lighten the load’ as it were. Learn to live with joy: this truly is as good as it gets.