HOUSE OF RESTORATION – Shelter for abused Women and Children

HOUSE OF RESTORATION – Shelter for abused Women and Children

Woman Abuse is a subject close to my heart. I know and understand this trauma, and how hard it is to extricate oneself from it, once one is caught in its trap.

The HOUSE OF RESTORATION is a safe-haven for abused and vulnerable women and children, as well as young teenage girls. The ladies and young girls that come to our house have all been the victims of abuse and violence, such as suffering sexual trauma, domestic violence, being ex-prostitutes and drug addicts etc. These ladies all have one desire, and that is to put the past behind them and to get their lives back on track.

Here, these ladies can regain their human dignity and self-worth. Our HOUSE OF RESTORATION is a house that accommodates mothers together with their children, thereby keeping the family together as a unit. Here, they are comforted, receive counselling and therapy and are taught various skills, thus eventually enabling them to fend for themselves and their children.

After a couple of months, they leave the house and become productive members of society. We can assist up to 30 mothers and children as residents of the house at any given time, but we also cater for many day visitors that attend our various upliftment programmes.

At the house we also have an in-house creche for the smaller children. Here, these toddlers are entertained with basic pre-school activities whilst their mothers can focus on their healing. Our older children attend the neighbouring schools.

Specific programmes that we present are: Spiritual counseling; Life Coaching – Inner Life Skills and Group Therapy; Trauma Debriefing; Skills development classes (Cooking, Baking, Jewellery making, Fabric painting, Sewing and knitting); HIV / Aids training and support; Legal advise and support etc.

If you can help, or have a contribution to make, please make contact with Justine.

Justine Visser, The Cradle of Hope, NGO, Email:, Contact No: 076 232 4500 / 011 660 4623, Krugesdorp, Website:


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  1. Linda Green says:

    I would love to learn how we might partner together and help women heal. We don’t provide shelter, we provide free Faith Based Education & Awareness to women who have been victims of Domestic Violence. I would love to meet with you. Thank you, Linda Green

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