What I do

Motivational Speaking, Workshops, Private Consultations, Archetypal Personality Analysis, Ceremonies

Motivational speaker, Hilda de la Rosa conducting wedding ceremony

Motivational Speaker Hilda de la Rosa

Motivational speaker, Hilda de la Rosa has helped people with:

  • Where is your joy? – If you are constantly unhappy with life
  • Live a more authentic life – If you are not true to yourself, how will others know who you are? Learn about your Archetypal Personality traits  and stay on the positive aspect
  • Creating what you want – We are so often focused on what we DON’T want, or
  • Not getting what you want – unless you are clear and ASK for what you want, how can someone give it to you?
  • Streamline your small business – If you need structure and analysis.
  • Make peace with your past – Facing past challenges. If you are stuck in the past, or wishing for a brighter future, you are unlikely to succeed if you are still a victim to past experiences.
  • Drugs and the impact they have on life – Get your ‘own back.’ Taking drugs causes, amongst many other things, a fragmentation of the energy field.
  • And more…….

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