Blessing Way

Blessing Way, or Mother’s Blessing

Blessing way, or mothers blessing is about honouring, empowering and respecting the way of the woman in terms of her body being the sacred vessel in which this new life develops and grows. A reminder that it is a time to nurture and love the new life that has chosen you as parents, and has chosen you to bring it into being here on earth.

A blessing way is performed while the couple is still pregnant and the ceremony is about the actual pregnancy and birthing process. The couple invite close friends and family to form part of the ritual and can choose to include a variety of spiritual rituals and philosophies to be incorporated in the Blessing Way ceremony.

Some ideas include:

  • Candles – A symbol of light. At the time of the ceremony, each participant is presented with a candle which they take home and as soon as they find out that the mother is in labour, they light the candle and bring to consciousness their thoughts and wishes for a uncomplicated and “easy” birth.
  • String – as part of the ceremony, loosely bind all the participants, who are standing in a circle, together with string, symbolising the unity in the group to “help carry” the couple through the birth. At the end of the ceremony, cut the string between participants and bind the string around each person’s wrist. This string is then “ceremonially cut” once they receive the news that the baby has been born.

Many other ideas can be incorporated, dependent upon the couple’s belief system and philosophical/spiritual views.


“Hilda created the most amazing Blessing Way ceremony for us to celebrate the arrival of our little daughter. We called on the elements and read poems. The special people in my life shared blessings while we sat on thrones in the middle. This was one of the most beautiful moments of my life, I will definitely use Hilda to do my wedding & baby naming ceremony.” Lara … mother & entrepreneur

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