Weddings, Hilda de la Rosa conducting a wedding ceremony

Weddings remind us about love.

Weddings always remind us of love and our wedding day is probably one of the happiest days of our lives. Yet, there are few people who offer a wedding ceremony which is not linked to any particular religion. Hilda de la Rosa has the unique ability to weave into a wedding ceremony, concepts and rituals that the couple would like to include in their ceremony.

In the past, Hilda has incorporated sacred wedding rituals of:

  • American Indian, (or First People, as they prefer to be known),
  • Celtic traditions,
  • African traditions,
  • Viking traditions, etc.

Hilda will incorporate into your service, any ritual that you feel will serve you best to bring joy and love to your hearts. Every wedding is different, because every couple will have a different philosophy and understanding of marriage. Hilda will spend time with you and create a ceremony that will suit your particular need.

Please note that Hilda cannot perform the legal part of the wedding service.

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