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Motivational Speaker, Hilda de la Rosa shows how tradegy often ...Motivational Speaker, Hilda de la Rosa

Motivational speaker, Hilda de la Rosa is available to speak at your event. Her passion is understanding human behaviour and human consciousness. She is able to motivate others to find their highest good and can show them how they can live a more fulfilling and joyful life.

“It is often in tragedy that our strongest selves are birthed,” says Hilda. She was initially invited to deliver a motivational talk after her son’s severe motor accident. It is the sharing of these moments, many of which occurred in her own life, that shows others how to find the strength within to overcome severe obstacles.

Hilda does not offer the traditional ‘ra-ra’ approach to motivational speaking. She speaks from the heart regarding subjects that move and inspire others. Click here to book Hilda for your event or to ask her a question.

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