Personality Archetypes

Personality Archetypes by Hilda de la RosaPersonality Archetypes – a sure way of finding out who you really are

Personality Archetypes abound. Numerology, astrology, and many others will give you a view of your personality. For the past twenty years, Hilda de la Rosa has worked with a unique personality archetypal system. “It is one of the most powerful tools I have ever used and is the basis of all my work,” says Hilda.

If we understand who we are, both from a positive and negative aspect of our personality, we get to understand that if we act and re-act from the negative, life can go wrong and is difficult. If we act out of the positive aspect, our relationships work better and we are generally happier; we are more authentic, more content with life.

This system is particularly helpful when working with couples. If both parties understand the positive and negative of each other’s personality, they come to peace about who they are and become aware of potential “abrading” personality characteristics in each other. Self-understanding can be the most helpful tool we can use to ease life’s pressures.

Hilda teaches people to recognise when they are acting out of negative personality (or Maya) and provides tools that will assist the individuals to extricate themselves from Maya and move toward the positive aspect (or true personality).

This is a quite complex archetypal system and the only way Hilda can explain this is to provide you with two case studies.  It is because of its complexity that it is so informative, and useful as a tool to understand yourself better and to facilitate better communication and relationships with those around you, including work colleagues.

See individual case study. See couple’s case study. (I am in the process of concluding these case studies.)



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