SME Consulting

SME ConsultingSME Consulting is one of Hilda’s Passions

SME Consulting brings much satisfaction to Hilda. Helping others is her passion.

SME Consulting often brings more understanding of the entrepreneur’s own business. Many entrepreneurs are great at developing and producing the most amazing products and services, yet few are able to successfully market those products AND market them at a profit! Even fewer have the ability to implement the tedious details of the administration process. This is often the reason why small businesses fail.

Every business reaches a point where structure and processes become necessary. Hilda’s strengths lie here and she can help you with:

  • Driving revenue
  • Analysing sales
  • Organising administration
  • Monitoring/increasing profitability
  • Streamlining processes
  • Knowing the difference between money-in-the-bank and profit

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