It’s fascinating! More than 6 billion people on the planet and we are all at different stages of consciousness. We migrate to each other so we can spend more time with those “of like mind.” But what is that? Do we really understand why some of us are dogmatically fixated on the religion that we were born into and others are complete hedonists? What is it that makes one of us a hippie, dope smoking, rebel and another an overachieving, play-by-the-rules conformist? What is it that gives some of us the propensity towards teaching, or art, or the military, or banking and financial? How is it possible that there could be two children from the same family with the same socio-economic background, and have one child become a preacher and the other a serial killer? Is it just nature-nurture? Or is there something else that should be considered?

From my perspective, there is definitely something else to consider. The Michael Teachings brings us a different perspective. According to Michael (a dis-incarnate group of souls, that I have been channelling for years) there are seven different so-called soul ages on the planet. I say so-called because soul age is actually a misnomer, since the soul has been forever and will be forever more. Soul age, in this context, is really just the quantity of life experiences that have made us grow, learn and evolve. All of us live many, many lifetimes and, given the experiences of every lifetime, we grow and evolve and our consciousness reflects this growth, or learning. These experiences are cumulative and we elevate our consciousness with every experience.

As we die and are re-born we bring previous life experiences to bear in this life. Therefore, we exit this lifetime with a level of consciousness or understanding and are re-born with that same level of consciousness so we may continue our journey of learning and experiencing life, love and everything, on this planet before we can incarnate on “more evolved” planets. The soul really has nothing to learn – it is all knowing. It is really about understanding the mechanics of earthly consciousness that we are learning on this planet. And so we will migrate to more and more sophisticated levels of consciousness on ever elevated planets. But first we have to finish this course – on planet Earth. I have no doubt that we have all experienced lives or consciousness on other planets as well. But I believe that it is an evolutionary process.

Let’s have a look at these levels of consciousness on planet earth:

Infant Soul Consciousness:

Is very mystical but with a decidedly superstitious bent. At this stage of our learning our focus is purely on survival, with almost no consequential thought. We may have rudimentary education and will generally follow in the tradition of our parents. We choose not in incarnate into sophisticated societies, since we can simply not cope with such complicated lives. Blood rituals may feature in our belief systems and medicine. Interaction with others is difficult, since we have not developed a sense of belonging or connection. We are often ostracised and could be quite isolated.

Baby Soul Consciousness

Here we begin to learn and understand right from wrong. This is determined by the society into which we have chosen to incarnate. It would be radically different to choose a baby soul experience in an Ancient American Indian tribe than in a Victorian English setting – the “rules” would be worlds apart. We tend to be quite dogmatic during this cycle of lives. Our holy book of choice would be the only true holy book and we may even feel that we have permission from God to make war on those who do not believe as we believe. We treasure close family connections and find it difficult to mix with cultures that are not like ours. We like to have lives where we can be seen as pillars of the community. We may even like careers where we can enforce the “rules”. If we choose to practise law, we will practise the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law. If we did not have baby souls on the planet – there would be anarchy.

Young Soul Consciousness

Now we’re cooking. We need to win! We are powerful and love material wealth. Prestige drives us and we measure our success by the number of goodies we can buy, or the address at which we live! Anyone who is not seeking material wealth is simply not successful. It is paramount for us to be seen in the right circles with the right people. Our bodies are almost worshipped and we want the best of that as well – even if that means we “fix” them surgically.  (Not that plastic surgery is exclusive to young souls.) We will pursue what it is we desire no matter the risks. We have an attitude of “you only have one life to live – make the most of it!” Without Young souls there will be no progress or development.

Mature Soul Consciousness

Fun Fun FUN! And then some more fun. We are at our most experiential at this stage of our development. These could also be highly charged and very emotional lives. We are at our most creative and express it in everything we do. Flamboyant and outgoing, we are open to everything. Family is very important and the drama that goes with it is just as interesting. Drama could be high on our priority list and we will create plenty of it! We are more inclined to wear outrageous outfits and we find uniforms very boring. We may get involved in organisations like Green Peace and can be quite militant about it! The media industry is filled with us. We like soap boxes and careers in the helping professions are a favourite. Without the mature souls, life would be quite dull.

Old Soul Consciousness

Leave me alone let me do what I want. Don’t force your belief system down my throat.  I know what I believe in and although it may not be what you believe, understand that all roads lead to Rome. If we are educated in a professional career path, we may very well give this up during a spectacular midlife crises to go and make sandals in Smithfield. We are hyper aware of alternative medicine and could pursue that route to our detriment. We are very comfortable living almost anywhere including a palace in some upmarket suburb or a tent in the bush, as long as we are not restricted. We dance to the beat of our own drum. Without old souls, there will be little wisdom in the world.

Transcendental Soul Consciousness

These are very special individuals who bring knowledge and wisdom of the ages to bear. They could manifest in personalities like Mahatma Ghandi. They are here to teach us universal love and wisdom.

Infinite Soul Consciousness

The infinite souls are always present on the planet. They inspire, uplift, bring us new teachings and balance the energy on the planet. They manifest as someone like Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha.

In Conclusion

For me, it is completely inappropriate to expect a grade one student to understand the complexities of calculus at grade 12 level. It is the same for people, we are who we are and we are all on a journey to find love – the unconditional kind. We will ALL find our way back to love – if not now, then later….

I have merely scratched the surface about soul age – there is so much more to it. If you would like a full analysis of your soul age and couple this with a full personality analysis, give me a shout! You will be astounded!