Get Real Youth Program

Get Real youth program support symbol

Get Real Youth Program –

Changes the Lives of our youth

The Get Real Youth Programme was developed by Hilda some years ago. Its focus is on providing the youth (Schools – grade 10) with tools that will enable them to use their peers as a support mechanism. It shows them how to overcome obstacles and, most importantly, shows them that irrespective of their current circumstances, there is always hope for the future. We, as adults, know that we have a choice, either to be a victim of our past, or rise, like the phoenix, and live to our full potential.

The Get Real Youth Programme shows them that they have a choice: to follow the path of a fear-based and limiting thinking, or a love-based, exceptional life. While presenting this programme, Hilda works with other adults, all of whom have a “story” to tell. The youth find this extremely encouraging. It brings them to a clear understanding that “if these people can make it, and their circumstances growing up were horrendous – I can  make it.” “This process is probably one the the most profoundly moving and humbling experiences of  my life,” says Hilda. Hilda is willing to work with any school that invites her.

Get Real Youth Program Process

  • We work with the entire grade ten class at the same time and need them for the entire school day
  • We request that no teachers are in the room for the day – in some schools, we have had student monitors in the room
  • We start the day with a presentation to show the youth that what they say and do affects everyone around them. Choose how you affect others – positively or negatively
  • We demonstrate that we are all suffering from the same issues. This shows them that they are not alone.
  • We teach authentic communication skills, demonstrating that if you are authentic, you get a different response from others
  • We can not change their circumstances, we can simply show them that there is hope and they can still live a full and valuable life, irrespective of their current circumstances.
  • I am accompanied by one adult for every 10 – 12 youths in grade ten. These adults all have “stories” to tell. This teaches the youths that “if we can make it, you can make it.
  • We break them into groups avoiding cliques and friends, to facilitate the teaching of better communication skills and to learn to support each other in the peer situation, rather than be destructive and judgmental
  • A trained phsycologist always accompanies our group
  • After the group session, we bring the Youth together for a conclusion and in-depth question and answer session
  • Wrap up with a celebration – a song or a dance – of the day.
  • Access to audio visual equipment will be a bonus especially if it is a big school

We have had extraordinary expereinces and this is perhaps the most moving and deeply meaningful experience that I have ever had.

My thanks to Kirsten Cartlidge for this beautiful drawing of the Get Real Youth Program’s support symbol.

We are looking for sponsorship for this program.