Meditation Course

Meditation has incredible benefits to Body Mind and Soul

Meditation should be a daily practise. Hilda has been teaching people to meditate for more than 15 years. She runs a meditation class Meditation heals body, mind and soulin Carlswald, Gauteng, South Africa, on the first Saturday of every month showing people how to utilise meditation as a daily tool, as well as meditation to assist with the following:-

  • Meeting your higher self and learning to connect to it
    • Inviting your soul to be more present in your daily life
    • Living an authentic life – what does it mean to be true to yourself?
  • Finding joy – letting go of anger and stress.
    • These are barriers to our happiness
    • Learn how to let go and take your power back
  • Letting go of old habits and patterns that no longer serve you.
    • Re-evaluate what you know to be “true”
    • How your old behaviour patterns limit your life
  • Getting what you want – how manifestation works.
    • We’ve all seen “The Secret” – why has it not worked and how can we create what we want?
  • Family connections and resolution of issues.
    • We all have childhood issues or issues with members of our family
    • Learn to let go and allow others to be who they are
    • No longer seeking approval from father/mother/colleagues/others
  • Connecting to crystals.
    • We love them – we just don’t know why – learn why
  • Meditation for healing
    • Get the tools you need to help yourself and others
  • Meditation for peace, the Universe and everything.
    • Can we REALLY demand “world peace” when we are not even able to live in peace with our neighbours/spouse/family?
    • “Feel” the energy of the Universe
  • Meeting your spirit guide
    • They are with you ALL the time – just tap into their wisdom
  • Past lives.
    • Want to know how you were previously connected to your current partners/children/family?

This course runs on the first Saturday of the month from 09H00 – 13H00 in Carlswald, Midrand, Jhb, South Africa. Click here to see the full schedule for the meditation course in Gauteng or invite Hilda to conduct a meditation course in your area.