Truth – Ever Elusive and Often Misunderstood.

Truth - Ever elusive and misunderstoodI am constantly reminded of the miracle in which we live. And, almost on a daily basis, I experience the truth of creating one’s own reality. Years ago, I was taught this in sales courses. We obviously did not call it creating-your-own-reality then, we called it a ‘positive attitude.’ We were told that if you have the attitude of knowing that you will walk out with the order – you will most likely do so! Little did I really understand?

So what is it that we have learned? We have learned that a positive attitude can move mountains and that what we believe, will be our truth. Note, I said, “our truth,” and not “the truth!” There is truly only one truth and that is God’s truth and NONE of us has the understanding to really explain it to another! We have only our own understanding of it, and we are very definitely influenced by our environment, our background, our circumstances, the society in which we live, our financial status, our race, etc.

For instance, in one society it is acceptable to have many wives, in another it is considered a sin. Some believe that to be enlightened, one has to be celibate, in another, sexuality is celebrated! In some cultures, eating pork is considered an abomination, in another it is fine. All of these things cause us to judge others to be wrong. But how do we really know that we are the only ones who are right? We don’t! Yet we still judge! Also, interestingly enough, it is a fact that over the years, the ‘sins’ have changed or have become acceptable. Is it that God has changed her mind? I somehow don’t think so. I think these ‘rules’ are made by man.

It is time that we move away from judging others to be wrong – and this we do in God’s name, nogal! Let us begin to leave God’s stuff to God and only concentrate on what it is that WE are doing. We always know when we are doing something that is not in line with our divine selves. Each of us has a different alarm system that tells us this. It is time to look inward and evaluate how we can improve who we are. Leave the improvement of others to them! The world changes one person at a time and that person is  yourself. We are all works in progress; if you were a complete work of art, you would not be on the planet any more.

This is what I aim to do: to give you a different point of view, one that is non-judgemental, so you can evaluate what you want to take and make your own, or what you want to reject. My aim is not to change the world – My aim is to make you think!


Hilda de la Rosa