Money and Self Esteem

Money and self esteem

Money is linked to our Self Esteem

Money. Many of us have issues with it. Perhaps we do not have enough money, or we feel guilty because we have more than others. It is an emotive issue in our society.

Hilda de la Rosa offers a unique aproach to get to the bottom of our issue/s with money. This course is for those who:

  • Don’t charge what they are worth
  • Battle to create, or
  • Hang on to their money
  • Have a dysfunctional relationship with money
  • Break out into a sweat when they have an appointment to see to their bank manager
  • Run out of money before they run out of “month”

“If you are like me, your relationship with money is not what it can be. I have battled with this for years. Some time ago, I had a breakthrough about my realtionship with money and decided to host a “test” workshop to see if we could uncover the “core issue” that restricts money flow. It was astounding and I cannot believe I have not put this together before. It has fundamentally changed how I view money!” says Hilda

A comment from one of the participants:

“It was fabulous to be there and definitely worth it! I loved participating with everyone else’s work. Hilda is just so on the nail with everyone and got to the crux of the issue at hand every time. It was great to work in such a safe, protected and well run space – I know I have benefited from this workshop and intend to do more so that I can become accepting of my success, my own business and money. As always, all the right people, at the right time in the right space were absolutely the right thing for me.” S.

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