You want Perfect?

PerfectImagine not ever being upset with anyone – ever again. Imagine waking up in the morning and the kids are already up, their rooms are clean and their school shoes are shiny. Hubby is dressed and has offered to make you breakfast. There is no traffic on your way to work and the security guard at the door is pleasant. You have a wonderful day and all your clients are polite and helpful. Your boss tells you how much you are valued in the organisation and promptly gives you an increase – and you have not even been there for a year.

On your way home from work, you pop into the shop; the assistant is pleasant and helpful; the shop has all the goodies you’re looking for. When you leave, the woman in the white Mercedes lets you pull away in front of her. When you arrive home, your children have done their homework and the report back from the teachers is that they have behaved perfectly and there are absolutely no complaints about them. Your house is immaculately clean and there is nothing out of place.

Hubby is home – right on time; he tells you that you are truly beautiful and asks if he can rub your feet. He has also stopped off on his way home from work and picked up dinner for the family. The wine is already chilled as he remembered to put it in the fridge before he went to work in the morning. At the appropriate hour after dinner, the kids say good night and tell you how much they love you and appreciate everything you do for them and they go to bed. The neighbours are quiet and peaceful and there has been no crime in your area for years. This is how your life is. Everyday!

This would be the perfect life: No?

If we are not challenged, we do not grow. Those that challenge us the most are truly our master teachers. The next time that you are ‘huffed off’ with someone to the point of being unable to speak, remember that this is a master teacher, the very one that makes your life interesting, the one that gives meaning to your being here. The one that teaches you the most.

The next time you are faced with a master teacher, take note of the issue surrounding the incident. Is it language (swearing), manners (rudeness), style of dress (dirty or untidy), crime, skin colour (race), religion, politics, etc? Those issues that cause no reaction from you, are issues on which you have reached neutrality. Those that still cause a reaction – in any way – are issues that need more attention.

Even if you feel like killing those master teachers, don’t! Were not for them, our lives would be exceedingly dull.