The more things change the more they stay the same.

We know that fear of walking under a ladder is a superstition but believe that if we place a frog at the entrance of our home it will bring money or abundance.

We don’t believe in hell but karma is a bitch.

We believe that praying for forgiveness is religious dogma but chanting to release our karma works.

We often speak about how judgmental Christians or Muslins can be but if you meditate in any way but TM meditation, you are doing it wrong.

We do not believe in the laying on of hands in churches but new age healers really know what they are doing.

We don’t believe in the resurrection but in re-incarnation.

We have replaced “God will provide”, with “the Universe will provide – but only if you are positive enough”.

We have replaced, “The way, the truth and the light”, with “Love and light”.

We are confusing “God has a plan for you,” with “It is written in the stars.”

We are confusing, “Ask and ye shall be given,” with, “You create your own reality.”

We swopped, “Chosen people”, with, “Conscious people.”

Have we transposed exorcism with clearing and cleansing?

We do not believe in the resurrection of Christ but in the grand awakening of humanity.

We have swopped, “Amen” for “And so it is” or “Namaste”.

We don’t believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but rather in Mind, Body and Soul.

We continue to create belief systems. It seems we simply can’t help ourselves.  In creating belief systems we continuously make some things good and some things evil. Instead of knowing that we have a choice in every minute of every day that we can choose loving kindness over judgement and hatred.

The duality exists. The Yin and the Yang exists. It is within every one of us – this capacity for good and evil… The only choice we have is which call we are answering now – in this minute of this day. Are we responding from a space of love and kindness or are we responding from hatred or fear? If we find someone is doing something that does not serve the world, are we going to continue to punish them and manifest hatred begetting hatred, or are we going to re-teach them what love will do? But dogma is dogma is dogma – even when it wears a spiritual cloak.

It is my firm belief that this planet is the planet of polar opposites and its purpose is to teach us that we have a choice. We either choose love or we don’t. I have never met anyone who is able to consistently choose love. I know that I fail at it miserably and often.

I believed, for a while, that the spiritual way was the better way, until I realized that it is the same way and all it offers are new words to describe old ways. I only realized later that the ways must change – not the words. Now I know that the only thing I have to do is to choose love.

Simple, isn’t it? But it is not simple. It is the hardest thing that I am learning. And this learning never ends.