So, we have gained many experiences during many lifetimes on this planet. And we are at the end of our cycle of lives on earth, almost ready to make our way back to the realm of the absolute or the realm of unconditional love. However, we are now “old souls” and have come to earth to share our many and varied experiences with those who have not lived as many lifetimes. We bring wisdom and compassion with us; we know that the fundamentalists have it so wrong; we know intrinsically that we, as a species, are destroying the planet.

So we incarnate with an agenda. Our agenda is change – hopefully, for the positive. We believe that we are “spiritual” or “enlightened” and that we can teach others to be better people, and that we can contribute to making the world a better place. Not seeing that this, in itself, is a judgment and that true mastery holds no judgment, accepting everything in every moment as perfect. We fail to see that we need only be here in joy, and that the truly greatest measure of our spirituality or enlightened “being-ness” is how much joy and peace we have in our lives. We think it’s about having to do, or be, something: it is not. There is nothing you have to do or be. You are perfect – even in your imperfection, as is the planet. And, ultimately, even if we do destroy the planet, will it matter in two hundred million years’ time. It is only scary if we relate to it in terms of our short lifespan. Besides, it is not the planet, but humanity, that is currently at risk.

Scientists have told us that more than 90% of the species of plant and animal life that ever lived on planet earth is now extinct, and we have learned many theories about why this is so. But the planet lives on. It, too, has consciousness and is on its own journey of enlightenment. And, by our measure of time, it will take many, many millions of years.

But I digress. I was going to talk about life purpose.

Our Deeply Profound and Meaningful Life Purpose

So we choose to incarnate and we have this “divine purpose” that we have set ourselves, something truly magnificent that will set us apart from the masses. Something that will allow us to leave a legacy of incredible magnitude, perhaps something like a cure for aids, or saving the world’s oceans, or the dolphins, or the whales, or the sharks, or whatever. Sometimes, we are even fortunate enough to know that this is our true life purpose from a very young age. I know a woman who knew she wanted to be a doctor from the day she could talk. Her whole life she wanted to heal people and be the best, most compassionate doctor. She achieved this and is still practising today – happily so.

But given that we create our own reality, on every level, and that we have free will and unconditional love, and given that this is the planet of polar opposites, we emerge from the realm of the absolute, which is pure, unconditional love. And because we have chosen to incarnate on a planet where we have come to experience who we are not (the opposite of love), we may be fooled into believing that we can do “good”- that there even is such a thing as “good” or “evil.” Since we are at the end of our cycle of lives, we believe that we can, and should, change the consciousness of the planet and raise its vibration to a higher level.

So we incarnate with a fabulous and deeply profound life purpose, such as saving the dolphins. We are so conditioned into believing that something is either right or wrong, that even at the end of our life cycles, when we are considered to be “old souls,” do we buy into this conditioning. However, if we simply take a step back and seriously think about what it is that we need to set up prior to a lifetime of “saving the dolphins,” we would be quite shocked. It dawns on one that in order to have a life purpose called “saving the dolphins,” we will have to have set up the very conditions that will make such a life purpose possible. And so it is with every life purpose. If you have a life purpose as a healer, you will have to have co-created people whom you can heal. If you have set up life purpose as a policeman or law enforcer, you will have to have co-created a lawless society. If you have set up a life purpose of saving the planet from some noxious gas or other, you will have to have co-created the potential to have such a gas exist in the first place. If you have set up a life purpose of creating animal shelters, you will have to have co-created animals that are in need of saving. It is not possible to have a life purpose called “saving the whales,” if you do not concurrently set up the possibility that there should be whales that need saving.

And so it is – perfection in every moment, even the sad, complicated, uncomfortable ones. It is the eternal yin and yang, the black and white, the good and evil. We learn by experiencing both sides of the coin – over many, many lifetimes. There is the positive aspect of the experience, the negative aspect of the experience and finally, mastery, which is the neutrality of the experience. That does not mean that we should not have compassion for those who are going on their very own rollercoaster ride of experiencing the positive or the negative of their experience. Once we have reached neutrality about a subject, and can look upon such experiences as just that – experiences, without judging them to be right or wrong, and with compassion and understanding, then we have reached mastery.


Earth is a planet of opposites; it always has been and will always be. Mastery, therefore, is accepting every moment on this planet as perfect – in every way. Why would we need to change anything? It is true that we are in dire need of cleaning up the planet’s atmosphere, but not because the planet needs saving, but because we, as humans, need a “home” where we can experience that which we are not and, therefore, would probably like to have it for the next few hundred years. So mastery, or enlightenment if you will, is not so much about raising the vibrational frequency, or meditating in a certain way, or being vegetarian; all of those choices are very individual and, as such, should be respected and honoured. It is about understanding that we all grow and experience different things in our own way and at our own time. We will ALL make our way back to love, if not in this lifetime, perhaps the next, or the next, or it may take 100 lives.

My measure for enlightenment is how much joy and peace an individual has in their life.