Why this quote is NOT awesome.
Misogyny (Definition) Noun “Dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.”

Let’s look at the INGRAINED part.
This quote, and many others like it, are constantly doing the rounds on social media. Misogyny has become so ingrained that we as women comment with something like, “such truth” or “I agree”, that we do not give a single thought about what is actually being said. This is Mainstream Misogyny.

Let’s look at what it actually says. A woman with a good body is good for a casual fuck… Yet, if a woman has a good mind and say she is fat and ugly, that would also be a problem. God forbid that the smart woman should also look amazing. So it really is a catch twenty two situation is it not.

And WOMEN buy into this crap instead of telling it like it is. It is NOT okay to link everything a woman is, does, wears to how she looks. It is utterly misogynistic in the extreme.

Our daughters are raised that how she looks is more important than what she achieves. Pressure like that is seldom placed on the sons we raise. If your daughter is smart, it is also pointed out that she is also pretty – thank goodness

It is also telling that when I post stuff like this the people who seem to be most offended are middle aged white men. I even recently had one send me a recommended list of topics that I should rather write about, which, according to him, constitute good, quality content in stead.

For the constant misogyny to stop – men will not become disempowered – it will just empower women. Yet WOMEN are just as misogynistic. Remember when we were openly bigoted and racist about people of colour? We told jokes and laughed and laughed and it was mainstream racism.

When we begin to fight something like that, tempers flair and defensive behaviour is the order of the day and everyone shouts and screams about the evils of being politically correct.

I will continue to stand on my soap box and be in conflict with misogynists – be they male of female. When it becomes as unacceptable as racism, I will stop. BUT way before that, we need to bring it into the light.