the realm of the absoluteThe realm of the absolute, or heaven, or spirit is where our souls reside.

Our souls have been in existance in the realm of the absolute since first thought – since before time began. This is a space of pure, unconditional love, or rather, agapé.

Agapé is a form of love that we, as humans, with the limitation of our physical brain, are not really able to understand. This love has absolutely no ego. Agapé has no conditions, or judgements about right and wrong. It understands that everything is experiential and Agapé love exists, even when our ego’s feel that a thing is “wrong,” or even an abomination. What we think of as God emanates from, or resides in, the realm of the absolute. It is not a place – it is a consciousness. In the Bible, it says, “There is nowhere that I am not.” It is that which makes the atoms move. It is the very life-force of everything.

Yet, in this space of total unconditional love, there is only itself – love. And when there is only one thing, how can it know itself? It has nothing against which to measure itself. If there is no darkness, how can we understand light? If there is no short, how can we understand tall? If there is no big, how can we understand small?

Because the realm of the absolute is governed by love, all the other positive emotions that we can have are what I call, “sub-feelings of love.” Words like compassion, caring, nurturing, humility, forgiveness, joy, consideration, etc. spring to mind.

Therefore, everything has to have its equal and opposite. Agapé, or love’s opposite, is fear. So we have the realm of the physical, which is governed by fear. We know and understand this fear. It is hard-wired into our bodies. It is our classic flight-or-fight response. It is what it is. Way back when we were still cave- men, this was particularly evident – we chased food – or something that wanted to eat us chased us. If we felt threatened, we ran, or stayed to fight! We also knew that if we were ostracised from the clan, we may very well have died from exposure to the weather, or from starvation, because it was unlikely that we could survive by ourselves.

These feelings are still relevant in today’s society. Our bodies do not know the difference between caveman times and now. Today, if we are facing the possibility of losing our jobs, the body automatically goes into fear. The body only has one ultimate fear, and that is the fear of death.

Many of us feel that we have conquered this fear of dying, because we have a sense of knowing that we will be okay. Some of us believe we will go to heaven, and that heaven is a better place than being here on earth. Others believe in re-incarnation and know that we will be born again. Others believe that this life is all there is and if you’re gone, you’re gone, and nothing else exists. It does not really matter what we believe. Belief is a function of the intellect. The body does not have such a sophisticated intellect. Its ultimate fear is fear of death, irrespective of what we believe. The body’s focus is self preservation and it will do everything in its power to stay alive.

In today’s world, we may not even be aware of the depth of fear of which our bodies are capable. So, for example, if you lose your job, the body is already many months ahead of your mind – the imagination always wins (read more). It may go something like this: “Oh my goodness, she has lost her job, and that means that we will soon lose our house, which means we will be out in the cold, without food… OH MY GOD – I’m gonna die!!!!!!”

Situations may vary, but the body response is the same. In the realm of the physical, our bodies are governed by fear. This fundamental fear causes us to react without thought. Bearing in mind that if our bodies are in fear, it literally saps our strength and can cause us to lose so many IQ points that we are no longer able to think straight. We may lash out (fight) or withdraw (flight). In many instances it may cause us to do irreparable damage to relationships.

All our negative emotions emanate from fear.  Words that spring to mid are: spite, judgement  anger, rage, persecution and every other negative emotion that one can think of.

If we understand that we always have a choice, we can live our lives in a space of love, or we can live our lives in a space of fear. If we are able to manage the body’s fear response (read more) we may very well have a happier, more fulfilled life.