I always find it fascinating when someone says, ‘Raise your vibration.” 

I often wonder if they understand that every part of your being already vibrates at a different frequency. You see, your fingernail, eyeball, liver and skeleton cannot possibly vibrate at the same rate. I also wonder if those who want one to constantly raise our vibration, even understand that the vibration of deep grief and extreme joy are completely different and are facts of life. We do know by now that scientifically, everything vibrates at a different frequency. If it didn’t the whole universe would be made up of exactly the same mush. 

I also wonder if we simply just suggest raising our vibration because we’ve overheard someone else using that phrase. Or, are we simply having an experience called monkey-see-monkey-do without giving what it is that we’re suggesting or saying, any thought.

In order for me to have a complete human experience there will be days that I feel like a high achiever and other days when I feel absolutely miserable and ineffective. There will be days where my self-esteem is at its highest and days when getting out of bed is an effort. There will be days when my partner and I feel deeply in love with each other and other days where we can’t stand being in the same room. These are the different vibrations of life.

If someone suggests that I should raise my vibrational frequency to the whatever dimension, I often wonder if they really understand what that means. You see, not one of us on this planet can maintain a higher vibratory frequency for any extended length of time. The fact is we raise our vibrational frequency by doing what is commonly called good work. For instance, if you give a very tired friend a back massage, you raise the vibrational frequency of both individuals. If you help an old lady load her shopping into the boot of her car, you raise your vibrational frequency. If you yell at your spouse or are hypercritical of them, you lower your vibrational frequency. If you repeat negative stories over and over again whether that story is relevant to your life or someone else’s life, you lower your vibrational frequency. When you laugh around the dinner table with your family or friends, you raise your vibrational frequency. When you stub your toe and yell in pain frustration and anger, you lower your vibrational frequency. 

You see it is impossible for frequency to be stagnant or remain at one level or at one frequency for any given time. When that occurs it simply means that you’ve stopped having a full human experience.

On the earth plane, the act of raising your vibrational frequency is to be in service, or loving, or kind, or generous, or nurturing, or respectful. Do any one of those things consistently and your vibrational frequency will have no choice but to raise itself. 

By the same token when you feel anguish, or fear, or worry, or discontent, or hate, or spite, or meanness – those very acts lower your vibrational frequency. So, the fashionable idea that one should raise one’s vibrational frequency in order to achieve enlightenment, is not an act of mystical proportions. Not on the human plane, it’s not. If you think for a moment that you can simply raise your vibrational frequency by chanting a mantra or doing a meditation and being able to maintain that frequency for any extended length of time, I sincerely believe that you are kidding yourself.

Every act, every reaction, and every interaction you have in the world, either with yourself, or was anyone else, will determine whether your frequency is raised or lowered. Requiring that anyone raise their vibrational frequency and to use that as a measure of their growth in order for you to compare it to your growth, is in fact, an act that in and of itself will lower your vibrational frequency. 

Therefore, what we call mindfulness is the act of being aware in every moment of every day where your consciousness is. Becoming mindful is not something you learn once then put it in storage say, “Yeah, I know how to feel and how to be mindful.” Mindfulness is a daily activity that brings you to consciousness in every minute of every day. This will show you whether your consciousness, or mindfulness is causing a rise in your vibrational frequency or a lowering in your vibrational frequency.

When we become arrogant in our spirituality, our vibrational frequency is automatically lowered. By this very fact and in our mindlessness, we can even lower our vibrational frequency by suggesting for a single minute that because we have a raised vibrational frequency, we are somehow superior to someone else. That then defeats the object of the exercise of even blithely mentioning that one should raise one’s vibrational frequency. The point of raising your frequency is really so that we are a better person today than we were yesterday. If we are kinder and more consistent in our behavior, less critical, more compassionate, less fearful, more fun, less arrogant and more balanced – that is what will determine where your vibrational frequency will be.

Nothing lowers your vibrational frequency as quickly as demanding others raise their vibrational frequency and to demand that they stay continuously at a heightened vibrational frequency level. When you demand that somebody stay at a higher vibrational frequency you disallow them to have a full and complete human experience – which is about polarity and opposites and feeling the good with the bad, 

Rumi clearly points out that the depth of our despair is equal to the height of our love. So, in order for us to have a complete human experience, we need to feel despair and love, joy and sadness, love and hate. When we fail to experience that pendulum swing, we fail to have the grandest human experience. 

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Hilda de la Rosa

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