Yesterday, for the first time, I was called a feminazi. I was appalled. I was appalled because yes, I am a feminist and I am vehement about the treatment of women and girls and I will continue to stand on my soapbox and fight against the scourge that is leveled at women.

I was not called a feminazi by a man. I was called a feminazi by a woman who went as far as to say that perhaps if I didn’t sound like I wanted to break the balls of every man, I would find a nice man who would love me. This horrified me to the core.

I find it bizarre that there are literally millions and millions of posts on the Internet who all talk about the misogyny that goes on and on and that a woman would still call me a feminazi because I stand up for the rights of women to feel safe, honored, loved and respected. If standing up for those rights means I piss a few men or women off, then so be it.

I pointed out that the same feminism is in fact the feminism that allowed all women in our modern society to be able to vote, own and buy property, have their own personal bank accounts, and above all else, have the right not to be raped by their partners. This woman vehemently denied that this particular strain of feminism is very different to my constant feminazi attack on men.

I was speechless. Clearly it affected me badly. I asked this woman to take her arguments to her own Facebook page and deleted her vitriol off mine. All she did was find another post where she, yet again, attacked me pointing out that, SHE would never ever project a general hatred on men just because of few hurt her feelings. I was called bitter and twisted and told that I had a very sharp, critical tongue.

I’m not talking about hurt feelings. I’m talking about a global system of hate speech of misogyny and of patronisation of women. The patriarchy is not about men being mean to women. The patriarchy is a system that supports the fact that women are less-than and that their feelings and very existence counts for less. And I participate in this system of patriarchy.

I participate by allowing gender jokes in my presence. I participate by expecting my complaint of bad service to be handled by a man. I participate by saying things like. “I’m sure her husband must have bought her that expensive car.” I participate by judging other women because of what they wear, how their hair is brushed, and what they say.

The patriarchy is everywhere. I attach a link to this post of Ashley Judd’s Ted talk. Her emotive and clear explanation about the bigotry and technological violence that is happening to women and about women far better than I could ever explain it.

I wish that every human being could watch this video and begin to become aware how invasive and pervasive this misogyny is. I do not care how many women or men call me a feminazi. I also don’t care how many feelings I hurt.

If what I do and say stops just one person from the from perpetuating this misogyny, then I will have made a difference.

It remains a sad fact that in South Africa three women die every day at the hands of a man who claims to love her. The tech industry makes billions and billions of dollars designing games that rape and cut up women and girls for fun. One cannot go to a bar or a public place and not hear sneering, jeering remarks about women and their bodies and what men would like to do to them. One cannot post a photograph on-line and not have it sexualized and used in some derogatory way.

Women are not allowed to be sexual beings because if we are, it can be turned into pornography at whim. If this makes me a feminazi then I proudly stand up and own that title.

I will proudly fight for the rights of women for as long as I have breath in this lifetime.

Every SINGLE woman I know has a story of abuse. from being cat called in the streets to being physically raped by her father or hired out to be raped by her father’s friends.


If you can’t stand my vehement objection to that, then don’t be my friend. But I say **** you to those who countermand my efforts and express their opinions with vitriol against me. You be you and I’ll be me. You have an unfriend button. You have an unfollow button please use those. If you don’t have the balls to stand up for what is right then leave me the **** alone.…/ashley_judd_how_online_abuse_of…