The dictionary describes emasculation as being deprived of his male energy or made weaker or less effective. When I checked on Google what the female equivalent was, I found that there wasn’t a specific word it simply said, “to weaken”.

Now I’m not a man, I know that. But I’m watching how the men are getting defensive about the women’s empowerment movement. Many of them are saying they feel emasculated. They can get quite angry and defensive about this and they feel that women, or the feminazi as they are being called in yet another attempt to keep the women in their place, are taking this whole women’s liberation movement and ripping the ring out.

I see posts lamenting that the men can’t do anything right anymore and that they feel victimised in every sphere of the world. Although I have sympathy for this, I’m in favor of women’s empowerment. It is a known fact that when one gender or race seeks equality, the gender or race that held all the power will feel emasculated or victimised. I believe this is because they were completely oblivious of the innate power that they held and now that those over whom they held the power are becoming their equal, they mistakenly feel that they are in fact losing power when all that is happening, is that those who were oppressed or misogynized now have equal power to them. So, the automatic entitlement now feels like it’s been removed from them and thus, they feel oppressed or emasculated. 

Initially, as a white person, I felt that I would lose power if black people gained equality. That was a perception that was created in my mind based on how I was indoctrinated as a child. This indoctrination ensured that I would believe that equality for other races meant less power for me. This is, in fact, not true.

All it has done is level the playing field, and because the playing field is leveled, I have to fight or work that little bit harder to maintain the niche that I have created for myself.

If I felt it all insecure about my role or place in the world, I may very well have felt intimidated by the perceived rise in the power of another.  Yet, all I observed is that all the races now have equal opportunity. Inevitably there is huge outcry from extreme left and the extreme right when any such radical change is implemented.

Let’s take what is evident with the whole race debate at the moment. The previously advantaged race who feel insecure about their own power and a place in the world, will become blaming, aggressive and defensive of the rise to equality of those they used to oppress. The same is true of the radical left wing of the previous disadvantaged. If they feel insecure about who they are, this will cause them to be defensive, aggressive and blaming towards those that used to hold the power over them. Whether that be true or not. 

It is the same with equal opportunity for women. The men used to hold all the power. We know this categorically by the fact that women couldn’t vote, they couldn’t go to University, they still don’t get equal pay for equal work, they’re still made to feel inadequate because of any number of things defined by the patriarchy. Their sexuality is still constantly attacked.

The longer that this continues, the harder the emancipated women will fight for equality. This then produces terms like Feminazi. Because those that like the status quo of the previous system of patriarchy, whether they be male or female, will continue to fight for their system not to change. Those who liked the status quo of the past will vehemently defend the system. I believe that this is done simply because they understand and know the current system and processes, they fear of overwhelming power of the divine feminine and that it may crush or destroy the divine masculine, or the status quo of the patriarchy.  The patriarchy is also governed by religion which outright states in essence, that women are lesser-than men. Therefore, if their God says that women should be subservient to men, those who want to change the system will definitely be seen as the enemy – even going so far as to say, against God.

There are of course more subtle layers. There are those who will simply say women are trying to be men. For a few decades from the 70’s onwards, that may very well be true. But if you look at women currently in power positions, with specific Reference to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, you will see that she’s governing with femininity. Taking it Even so far as taking her child to work and she’s the Prime Minister for God’s sake.

This will certainly shake things up and women may even be less “compromised” at work because they are the primary caretakers. She is not trying to govern like a man, she is governing like a woman and the feminine energy brings more compassion more cooperation and more caring nurturing energy into the workplace. Just because women want equality and that equality simply means the same respect when she speaks at a meeting, or the same respect when she walks into a room, or the option of not living in fear that she will be attacked between the shopping mall and her car. And above all else, that she will be safe in my own home and not be beaten by her spouse – and if she DOES get beaten up that the focus is on the PERPETRATOR to change their behaviour rather than the requirement that the VICTIM do something to change the situation.

I am aware that there is gender-based violence against men as well. Now we’re back to the left-wing perception of women who are coming into power and want retributive justice for past actions of eons worth of patriarchy. The well-balanced women who have a well-defined sense of self, will not have the need to punish. 

As, of course, is the case with the majority of black people who just want to get on with their newfound freedom and equality and make the world better for them and their families. Yet this is stunted by those who want retributive punishment for past actions.

I’m certainly not saying that they shouldn’t be corrective action. I’m not saying that in the least. There should be corrective action. Retributive punishment is very different from corrective action. Corrective action comes from compassion and remorse and retributive punishment comes from anger and hate.

The same, of course, is true in the gender war and battle for equality. There are those women who just want to get on with it and have the equality of gender and corrective action. So, we will address things like unequal pay and safety issues not discounting the fact that there will be some women who want retributive punishment – people are who they areFOrgive.

It is of course my opinion that those who really want retributive punishment in both segments of this discussion are not the ones that are going to drive us towards a brighter, bigger, better, more cooperative future.

So as far as I can tell there are four things at stake; the good men who are oaky for women to have equality and are willing to work towards that, and the insecure men who are going to feel emasculated and lesser-than by the simple fact that women are gaining equality. The same is of course true for the race war those that are okay for everyone to have equality will work towards a better future and corrective action. Those who are angry and want revenge and punishment will be a destructive force in the race towards this equality 

And so, we have a vicious circle. For as long as we have the radical left and the radical right whether it be in the race war or the gender war, those will be the two extremes that’ll make progress more difficult and slower. Whereas those who are confident in and of themselves both in the gender war and the race war will just say, “yeah oaky let’s get our **** together and work towards a greater goal”.  I’d like to put my money on those, rather than the angry left and the angry right.

For me it’s about finding equilibrium. No, I do not want to be a man. I like the fact that my emotions are driven by a different compass. I like the fact that the male energy is direct and strong and physical and assertive, but I love the fact that the female energy is compassionate nurturing and cooperative. I don’t want to be a man. I tried that. It didn’t work for me. I thought in the 70s when I was bashing down glass ceilings, I had to grow the biggest pair of balls. 

Turns out I was much more powerful when I surrendered to my feminine self. When the feminine self and the masculine self, work in harmony both internally and externally, we can create a wonderland of mutual respect and honor and harmony.

I can do what the men can’t do but let me teach them about compassion and nurturing and cooperation and let them hold my hand through the power struggles and the aggression and the assertiveness because we need leadership of both kinds. If we rely on one over the other. We will be at imbalance yet again and that serves no one